Benefits of Dahn Yoga

Ben D. (Houston)

I came to the Dahn Yoga Center seeking to learn something of the art of yoga, in hopes of finding a means by which I could improve my health, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I had heard all my life of the very positive benefits to be had by the regular practice of yoga, and I sought to investigate how I might tap into this great resource.

I am forty-seven years of age. The past few years, I have experienced an alarming diminishment of my physical skills. Additionally, the everyday stress of living had resulted in my seeking out medical help for depression and anxiety related disorders.

It had become very apparent to me that I needed to find a new path to follow that would lead me to a greater awareness and appreciation of the joys of living. For this reason then, I decided that it was time to begin my exploration of the world of yoga.

My sole reason in choosing the Memorial Dahn Yoga Center was that it is very convenient to both my home and office. Although this is what caused me to cross your threshold initially, I soon found you three to be a great fountain of warmth and caring that would lead me to come from great distance to gain enlightenment from your teaching.

I started the regular class sessions, but initially had some doubts because of my poor physical condition and anxiety over being in a new and strange environment. However, I am so pleased to tell you that I quickly found that your teachings, and the fellowship of my classmates soon dissipated any uncomfortable feelings that I had, and I now feel a part of a new and wonderful family. Truly, I have felt from the beginning that I was welcomed with open arms by people from so many different places and walks of life. My pride in having such a terrific group of new friends is enormous.

As to the physical benefits of Dahn Yoga, I am also happy to report that I am begininng to see the positive benefits of the exercise regimen, as well as the program of breathing, meditation and learning how to tap into the endless store of energy to better my health and enrich my life. Although I still have a number of physical limitations, and sometimes overdo things to the point of pain, I believe that my body ad mind are being positively transformed by your teaching and my commitment to Dahn Yoga.

I am most grateful to the three of you for your kind acceptance of me as your student. It is so obvious that you are committed to sharing the benefits of your knowledge and experience with all members. I am certain that I will continue to grow and improve in my practice of Dahn Yoga, and I eagerly look forward to my continuing journey.

If you feel that my experiences would be helpful to other students, please feel free to share this letter with them.

Thank you again for your love and guidance.

Your student and devoted friend,
Ben D

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