Living a Complete Harmony

Laura K. (Phoenix, Arizona)

Almost a year ago, I began a long journey; I entered the local Dahn Yoga Center with the intent of losing weight.

I started Dahn Yoga Practice on May 18th, 1998. Little did I know the changes in myself that would take place over the next year. When I began the program, I was self-conscious and my low self-esteem caused me to withdraw from the people around me.

When I began doing the daily exercises, I could feel something in me change. I could feel all of the muscles in my body. Through the breathing exercises, I began to feel a big change in my energy level on a daily basis. I also began to enjoy myself at the Center.

I remember one day I came to the Center for lass. I walked in and sat down in my usual spot, the far back corner of the room. This time, before the class began, one of the instructors smiled at me and asked, “Why don’t you move to the front of the classroom?” I must have looked stunned. He encouraged me with his smile and said, “How will you ever gain confidence if you hide in the back of the room?” Well I moved to the front corner and I have been there ever since. That was a big step for me.

I began to experience many things from my daily exercise. I started to feel courage and hope. After a month or so, I also signed up for the special exercises. I started out by taking opening acupressure points exercise. I wanted to unblock all the stagnated energy that I had held in my body for so long and restore the free flow of life energy in my body. I also took Shim-Sung, a self-discovery course. The masters said I would learn many things about who I am and why I am the way I am.

I began a weekend course in Shim Sung as my old Self and at the end I was a totally different person. The course helped me make the changes in myself that I wanted to make. I put 100% effort into the course. I overcame a lot of fears and learned a lot of new things. I realized that my destiny was waiting for me. All I had to do was walk towards it.

I have lost over 40 pounds since I started Dahn Yoga. My goal was to lose weight but I gained so much more from my experiences. I learned to love myself and everyone around me. I now live in a world of complete harmony and joy.

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