My Cholesterol Level A OK

Coby O. (Bethesda, Maryland)

For over two years I have been on a cholesterol-lowering drug (Zocor) because my cholesterol level had reached a high of 280. For those who may not know, a level over 200 is considered high. I am not a big fan of having to take prescription medicine, but I understand the importance of maintaining a healthy cholesterol level.

Over time, the Zocor helped bring my level down to a more manageable number (fluctuating between 210 – 200). I try to have my level checked every three months, and last March my cholesterol level was 203. In June, I had my cholesterol checked again and my result was 196. I thought that I had leveled off and would only reduce my level with aggressive dieting and exercise.

I started attending the Dahn Yoga Center in late June of this year. I try to go at least three times a week, and, during the work day, I drink a few cups of the green tea and/or the brown rice tea which I purchased at the Center. This month I had my cholesterol checked and my level is 147! I have neither added nor subtracted anything from my regular diet between June and now (except for the tea). My doctor told me that I could stop taking my medication for now because, as he said, “whatever you are doing seems to work.” Of course I will go back in three months as part of my regular monitoring, but I am so thrilled to be off the medication.

I attribute my wonderful results to the physical and mental exercises taught by Head Instructor Tara and Hong. For me, these exercises have helped my progress towards a “Healthy Body”. Although I am not one to toot his own horn, I felt it necessary to share this in case you, or someone you know, struggle with high cholesterol. I wish I had only known about Dahn Yoga sooner.

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