My realization at Shim Sung

Lara H (Las Vegas, NV)

My mother began taking Dahn Yoga classes in Las Vegas three years ago. I began to grow vicariously through her experience and whenever I visited her, took as many classes as possible, since there wasn’t a center close to me in California.

I realized at Shim Sung (self-discovery training) that I really wanted to get more involved in Dahn Yoga. I decided to move to Las Vegas to be near a center.

The midterm session met eight times, and four times I drove for five hours to L.A. The healers in L.A. gave me such strength and love that I looked forward to the drive and to sharing my energy and soul with them. I really began to piece together a vision for my life. I realized that I wanted to heal others, which included helping them get in touch with their soul and true self.

Soon it was time to return to Arizona. I was excited to be learning more yet sorry that my amazing experience was ending. Then I realized it never has to end! Now it is my turn to share this joy with everyone I meet! I shall never forget the sweet and tender hearts of all the healers with whom I shared training!

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