Special Programs: Workshops

  1. Introductory program: Ready for Awakening
    This introductory Course offers a unique opportunity to experience the essence of Dahn Yoga, the modernized version of the authentic mind/body training of ancient Korea. This program is designed to familiarize the practitioner with the general approach of Dahn Yoga, and to help him/her get a deeper understanding of holistic health, which includes the integrative awakening of body, mind and spirit.
  2. Initial Awakening
    A program of introduction of Dahn Yoga, to familiarize the participant with its general principles and practices. The benefits of this program would be, waking up to the presence of our body, the conscious and purposeful use of one’s body and its functions, and the mastership over it: “My body is not Me, but Mine”
  3. More than Body
    Through the profound experiential understanding of Ki-energy, the participant will learn how to use the power and functions of one’s mind consciously and purposefully, experiencing the peaceful joy that comes with the freedom from the control of emotions. The result of this experience will bring the participant the mastership over one’s mind and the creator-ship of one’s life: “My Mind is not me, but Mine.”
  4. Re-Integration
    A program to awaken the spiritual body, and integrate the basic trinity: Heaven, Earth, and Human, into a holistic identity of the Self. The benefits of the program would be, a realization, experiential understanding and complete awareness of oneness with all that is; uncovering the deepest of meanings of life, and re-orienting oneself toward spiritual completion as one’s goal of life.

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