Founder, Ilchi Lee

Ilchi Lee is a world-renowned peace activist and spiritual leader. He is the creator of Dahn Yoga and Brain Education, a comprehensive system of physical and mental exercises that uses the life energy system of the body to attain spiritual awakening. He lectures around the world on topics such as enlightenment, Ilchi Lee healing society, and world peace, seeking to communicate the idea of an Earth-Human as the basis for a global cultural movement for the creation of eath peace.

Designated as one of the fifty preeminent spiritual leaders of the world, Ilchi Lee gave an opening prayer at the Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders opening at the UN in August, 2000.

Ilchi Lee co-hosted the 1st Humanity Conference in June 2001, held in Seoul, Korea, to explore the concrete influence that spirituality can have in our current political, economic and cultural makeup. Distinguished guests included, among others, former U.S. vice-president Al Gore. Ilchi Lee is currently the president of World Earth Human Alliance for Peace and the preident of Korea Institute of Brain Science. He is the author of 16 books, including Healing Society (Hampton Roads, November, 2000), which reached #1 in overall sales ranking within a month of publication, being the first Asian-authored book to earn the honor. His other titles include The Twelve Enlightenments for Healing Society, Brain Respiration, and Peaceology.

Ilchi Lee’s most recent accomplishment is the establishment of the International Graduate University for Peace. This is the first institution for higher learning devoted solely to the study and implementation of peace in Korea. Its objective is to train the peace leaders of the future.

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