Shoulder Pain

Pain in the shoulders is most often accompanied by stress. When you experience stress or high blood pressure, for example, the muscles in the shoulder can go into spasm or feel stiff. Pain in the shoulder region may also be caused by organ malfunction.

The shoulder is the conduit for the circulation of blood through the vessels and into the brain. When the muscles in the shoulder contract and become stiff, oxygen in the blood cannot pass easily to the brain, thereby depriving the brain of the necessary oxygen to be transported through out the blood system. Oftentimes, faulty postural habits can cause shoulder misalignment.

When you perform the exercises recommended, you can ultimately experience significant relief of your shoulder pain. This is because the exercises provide improved energy and blood circulation, with fresh oxygen flow to nourish the muscles and release stagnant blood fro the affected shoulder region.

*** Pulling the elbow behind the head 1. Place your right elbow behind your head. Hold the wrist of your right hand with your left hand as shown in the picture. Inhale. Pull the wrist of the right hand with your left hand. Focus on your shoulder joint while you perform this exercise. 2. Exhale. Release. Repeat twice with each arm.

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