Welcome to Dahn Yoga

Welcome to Dahn Yoga!

We teach Dahn Yoga and Brain Respiration. Through Dahn Yoga and Brain Respiration, you will be able to experience a new level of health, happiness, and peace. Ilchi Lee created Dahn Yoga over 20 years ago by modernizing and systemizing an ancient body-mind-spirit training tradition of Korea. The first Dahn Yoga was established in Korea in 1985.

Now we have over 360 centers in Korea, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Brazil, and Japan. Over 1 million people around the world are practicing Dahn Yoga and Brain Respiration. Brain Respiration is a system of brain-based meditation techniques that seek to awaken the deepest potential of the human brain. Brain Respiration and Dahn Yoga will not only bring health to your body and mind, but will also allow you to develop your own innate human value without resorting to material means.

Despite its worldwide presence today, Dahn Yoga started out with one student in a local park in rural South Korea. In 1980, Ilchi Lee went to a local park and helped a half-paralyzed stroke victim gain back his health and confidence. We at the Dahn Yogas always try to stay true to our roots, sharing health and joy with those in need in various areas of our community.

Our members and instructors are an integral part of the community that they serve. Do you have an effective and enjoyable method to stay healthy and maintain a balanced life? If not yet, we suggest you try Dahn Yoga and Brain Respiration. Visit the Dahn Center nearest you, and certified instructors will welcome you, and check your energy condition, recommending the best exercise program for you. We look forward to seeing you at our Dahn Yoga.

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