Spend some time on a beautiful French island.

Enjoy the sunny days on the Iles D’Hyeres

Those who want to escape the everyday responsibilities of life and get a little stress relief on vacation should check out Iles D’Hyeres in France. The three small islands are largely untouched, giving travelers a wonderful opportunity to practice Dahn Yoga exercises in a natural landscape.

According to travel website Black Tomato, all cars and other motor vehicles are banned from the area, so there will be no roaring engines to disturb your peaceful savasana. The source recommends visiting Ile de Port-Cross, which is a National Park that has several small, remote beaches, including the beautiful Port Man.

The islands get approximately 300 sunny days a year, so tourists have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the warm weather and appreciate their heavenly surroundings.

Another island in the archipelago is Ile du Levant. While it is a gorgeous coastal location off of the Riviera, it is also a popular tourist destination, so be prepared for some crowds when visiting. For a quieter experience, Porquerolles has a very small population of only 200 people and offers just as many scenic views.

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