Dahn Yoga recommends exercises to strengthen the Spleen Meridian

Dahn Yoga recommends exercises to strengthen the Spleen Meridian

Individuals who engage in Dahn Yoga exercises may facilitate the flow of life energy, or Ki, through the meridian channels of the body. Easing this natural force may help them achieve optimal mental, emotional and physical well-being, while cementing the sometimes tenuous connection between the mind and the body.

Earlier this month, Dahn Yoga and Health Centers recently recommended that yoga enthusiasts focus on the Spleen Meridian in April. This channel is known as the “Inner Mother” because it nurtures, soothes and comforts the body. The spleen plays important roles in bolstering the immune system, facilitating digestion and releasing tension, in addition to improving emotional health and resilience.

Because imbalances in the Spleen Meridian can lead to gastrointestinal discomfort, menstrual disorders and poor concentration, choosing the appropriate exercises to strengthen this organ may contribute to better health. Leg squats are a recommended technique and may contribute to improved production and storage of blood cells, as well as greater flow of Ki.

Engaging in this practice has helped people all over the world achieve better circulation and body awareness.

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  1. I would like to find out how to do the toe tapping – are there any instructions on
    how to do it. Are there any classes in the Pittsburgh North Hills area that teach it?

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