Teachers can ensure that students stay safe at home

New program could lead to teachers helping their students find a good life balance

Teachers can often help children with stress relief in a number of areas, but some students face obstacles that their educators may not have considered.

In order to address this issue, The Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance (PFSA) recently announced that it has partnered with the Capital Area Intermediate Unit (CAIU) to offer an online course that can help educators recognize and report child abuse.

The cost of the program will be $100 a month, which teachers can use toward professional development credits. This program is great for training educators, as they have a legal obligation to report any signs of abuse or neglect that may take place at the students’ homes.

“This is an easy and convenient way for teachers to acquire the training they need to be prepared to recognize and deal with the problem of child abuse, which is widespread and occurs all too frequently,” said Christina E. Phillips, PFSA training director. “The online training is especially convenient because the course doesn’t have to be completed all in one sitting.”

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