The Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin

Tour the most famous churches in Dublin

When going on a vacation in Ireland, one may be interested in visiting Dublin’s churches to aid their personal development, as getting in touch with international cultures is a great way to enhance your mind. Christ Church and St. Patrick’s Cathedrals are important structures in the capital city’s history and are fascinating to tour while on holiday.

The Christ Church Cathedral was the town centerpiece during medieval times. While it is now surrounded by many modern buildings, visitors will learn about how it once stood tall above the “dual carriage-way building scheme” that was a part of the original street pattern in the Middle Ages, according to the Irish Tourism Department. Those who stand upon the banks of the River Laffey have an excellent view of the church in the distance.

St. Patricks Cathedral, located nearby, is one of the oldest churches in Dublin. It is also the largest church in the country, built in the late 12th century. Its beautiful Gothic-style architecture is quite an intriguing sight, as are the resting places of notable Irish clergymen.

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