College yoga is in high demand among students

College yoga is in high demand among students

Dahn Yoga classes can help even the most stressed-out individuals learn to breathe deeply, relax and restore harmony between the mind and the body. Tension and anxiety are common in our society today, and many people lead fast-paced, demanding lives that are filled with pressure. College students, in particular, often report a great deal of stress caused by all of the deadlines for papers and projects that they must fulfill, as well as the exams that loom at the end of each semester.

This may be why yoga is so popular at Brigham Young University, Yahoo News reports. Classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday evening to help students shake off the tension and stress of their packed schedules, and the word has certainly spread. In fact, the sessions get so crowded that participants have to go to great lengths in order to get in.

A note on the school’s website says that “Yoga on the Edge is a very popular class. You may need to arrive early to secure a spot in the room,” as quoted by the news source.

Engaging in this peaceful regimen has enhanced the mental, emotional and physical health of people all over the world, which may be why it is so popular with individuals who are looking to get a little relief from stress.

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