Mount Etna

Trek up Mount Etna in Sicily

Italy is a prime destination for those who want a spiritual adventure, as the extensive collection of churches and cathedrals provide visitors with an endless amount of places to enhance their personal development. However, the Mediterranean country is also home to a number of natural attractions, and a visit to a site like Mount Etna can provide lifelong memories that give one perspective on the world around him.

The mountain is actually a very active volcano that stands tall in Sicily, an island in the southern region of the country. Touring the area will expose travelers to a range of geological features, including solidified lava, smoking craters and more. They may even have the chance to see the volcano erupt, with magma bubbling down the peak. While it may sound dangerous, those who go on guided tours are sure to be kept at a safe distance from the volcanic activity.

Travelers who find that an adrenaline rush leads the path to enlightenment may want to hike up the many trails of Mount Etna. In the winter, the area becomes a popular ski destination, so vacationers should be prepared to head downy he slopes.

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