Yoga Exercises For Back Pain

Dahn Yoga could be a great alternative treatment

Many of us realize how Dahn Yoga can enrich our lives by not only exercising our bodies but our minds as well. While this is great for getting a better sense of oneself, it may also come with health benefits that can improve overall wellness.

Doctors are now turning to yoga as a means to treat their patients, as more people are looking for alternative modes of therapy. According to a new study from the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), more than one-third of Americans are using methods such as yoga and deep breathing exercises as a means of complementary medicine. Additionally, one in 30 Americans were referred to the practice by their physician.

The researchers suggested that this effect could be due to all the information that demonstrates the positive effects of yoga

“There’s good evidence to support using mind-body therapies clinically,” said lead author Aditi Nerurkar, an integrative medicine fellow at Harvard Medical School and BIDMC. “Still, we didn’t expect to see provider referral rates that were quite so high.”

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