Yoga could help those who have IBS

Dahn Yoga meditation could help IBS patients

Dahn Yoga meditation not only helps individuals reach their inner potential by reconnecting their mind and body, but it can also be used to combat certain health conditions.

Researchers are suggesting that psychological factors play into gastrointestinal illnesses and could potentially affect a patient’s outcome. During Digestive Disease Week, several scientists from across the country presented evidence at the event on how the mind and body work together against gastrointestinal diseases, which could lead to new treatments.

Dr. Olafur Palsson reported that meditation could be a way to treat patients who are suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), as it was shown to reduce the severity of symptoms.

Researchers studied a group of individuals with IBS and split them into two groups: support therapy and meditation. Their investigation concluded that those in the meditation group had a reduction of symptom severity four times the amount of the other group.

Additionally, Palsson continued that while this practice could treat the disease, it could also be used in everyday life, working as a stress reliever for some.

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