Yoga Benefits for Women

Woman claims benefits of yoga helped her fertility

Many people know about the benefits of yoga, such as reducing stress and easing pain, and some people are now suggesting that the popular exercise program could actually help women who have fertility problems.

CBS reports that one woman is suggesting that yoga helped her have children. Holly Dougherty struggled with infertility for eight years, but began taking yoga instruction that was supposed to help with the issue.

The news provider reports that because yoga reduces stress, it could increase fertility chances by up to 35 percent.

“Being in a yoga class with other women who are undergoing the same stressful things that you’re undergoing, the time in the office, the drugs, the cost, really can help a person be grounded and relieve a lot of her stress,” Dr. Frederick Licciardi, a fertility specialist, told the news provider.

The New York Times reports that more women are choosing yoga as a means of helping them with infertility, as the relaxation can help them forget about their worries.

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