Word to the wise: Clean up after yoga classes

Word to the wise: Clean up after yoga classes

Many professionals start their day with yoga classes to set the tone for a positive work shift.

Although these exercises can prove very beneficial to one's health, they can be physically draining and cause some participants to perspire. Thus, it is important for active employees to make sure they freshen up before heading into the office.

No matter how good of a worker you are, being the smelly guy or girl at work is a professional death sentence. Not only are co-workers going to avoid interacting with you because of your foul stench, but managers and top-level executives will be wary to promote individuals who seem to struggle with personal hygiene.

Employees who interact with clients or the general public should especially be cognizant of their physical appearance during work hours. No matter how well you speak or how proficient you are at your job, heavy perspiration and a whiff of body odor can dismantle client relations.

If you're going to exercise before work, it is wise to take a shower or wash up before transitioning into work mode.  

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