Returning from vacation is always tough.

Tips to help get back to work after vacation

Vacations can be a wonderful respite from one's day job, allowing for fun and relaxing activities like yoga meditation and yoga stretching. But sometimes getting back into the swing of things at work can be difficult after some time off.

Many people dread getting back to work, but with a few simple tips, the transition can be slightly more smooth, according to a recent column by Caroline M.L. Potter for Yahoo HotJobs.

Before one leaves for vacation, it is important to leave an outgoing message alerting others of the break. This message can also direct callers or emailers to someone responsible for the position while it is vacant, which can reduce the number of pending issues and calls to return.

Also be sure to alert co-workers about any information that must be communicated to you while you are away. As much as you want your time away, some crises and other issues may be best dealt with during a vacation, rather than left for your return.

A return to the office can be a great opportunity to employ the help of eager, junior team members. Younger colleagues who are interested in taking on more responsibility can help cover some of the post-vacation work load that has piled up.

If you are able to hire freelance help, consider doing so. Temporary employees can help minimize the workload you are faced with.

CNN Living suggests that you take it slow upon your return. Work at your own pace during your first few days back at the office. Carefully plotting out your tasks on a to-do list will allow you to stay focused.

Planning another vacation can also help ease the post-break blues. While taking more time off from work will likely exacerbate the overwhelming workload, planning a weekend trip or a relaxing escape can help keep your mind fresh. 

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