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How to start fresh after getting laid off

Once you get the notice that you've been laid off from your job, panic may set in. But according to the Boston Globe, there are some practical steps you can take to help you survive the situation.

First, be sure to take advantage of all possible severance benefits, like vacation time reimbursement, your right to keep your health insurance and outplacement assistance. Most companies hate conducting lay offs, so you may be able to leverage that sympathy into a hefty benefits package.

After you log your last day at your job, you'll need to assess your finances and your debt. Cut expenses that are not necessary by scaling back your cable package or eliminating dinners out. If you have a student loan, you may be able to defer those payments while you are unemployed. Try taking a temporary job or contract position to make ends meet.

You should also sign up immediately for unemployment assistance from the government. You can apply over the phone or in person at a state-run career center.

When you are laid off, your files belong to the company. You can, however, take your contact list if you have time, says Time Magazine. These relationships are yours, so feel free to contact them in the future to let them know you have left. Be sure to discuss the situation in a professional manner and don't divulge company secrets. These contacts could result in new job prospects, so be careful not to come across as vindictive.

After the whirlwind of activity surrounding your lay off, be sure to breathe and reboot. Dahn Yoga and other yoga meditation techniques can help you center yourself and refocus before you get back into the job hunt. One of the biggest advantages of the unfortunate situation of a lay off is that you'll finally have a little free time on your hands, so try to use that time to invest in your well-being. 

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