“Call of Sedona” An Amazon Bookstore Hit

Sedona Arizona Mind-body expert, educator and mentor Ilchi Lee’s book Call of Sedona has been climbing the charts since its release. Ranked #1 on Amazon for Health, Mind & Body, Religion & Spirituality and Movers & Shakers, this book has been endorsed by partners such as Neale Donald Walsch and more.

The book details out Lee’s experience with Sedona, how it called him to its red rocks and vortexes and how he has utilized the lands energy in finding more enlightenment, purpose and fulfillment. Lee tells others how they too can find the various vortexes in Sedona, what those vortexes energy points are and how to use meditation to tap into that energy. In addition, Lee explains that we all have great potential and that we just need to learn how to tap into that potential to receive its benefits. For instance, Lee states “If you don’t listen to the voice of your True Self and discover a dream into which you can pour all your passion, all you can do is keep living with a feeling of futility in the midst of a mindlessly hectic lifestyle.”

To read more about the book or watch the video, see photos and videos of Sedona Arizona and its vortexes, visit the website CallOfSedona.com.

One thought on ““Call of Sedona” An Amazon Bookstore Hit

  1. The more I read this book the more I see many messages in it. It’s a great book to carry around and get inspiration just by opening a page. Thank you

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