What makes yoga so diverse? Lots of things!

Yoga, meditation techniques make for a comprehensive workout

Put together yoga, meditation techniques, tai chi and brain wave vibration, and what do you get? Only one of the best weight loss exercise regimens around, according to Southsider Magazine.

The news source came to this conclusion after interviewing Jodi Chmielewski, an enthusiast and instructor who emphasized that yoga is good for the mental and physical health of people of all ages, backgrounds and body types.

"Yoga is designed to give body awareness and mind awareness, so over time, you really start to feel in tune with your body," she told the magazine. "Every day, your cardiovascular system improves, then your balance, your mind, your spirit – all that comes together, little by little."

What makes yoga so diverse? Lots of things!

To start, the holistic regimen combines the most soothing and healing poses from several ancient mind-body practices, like tai chi and qigong. Over the centuries, its practitioners also refined the stretches and body-tapping exercises that make yoga so unique!

Thus, what you get at a Dahn Yoga community class is a well-rounded, dynamic and relaxing experience, courtesy of our patient and caring staff!

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