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Dahn Yoga Life Particle Meditation Offers Healing Experience

Dahn Yoga & Health Centers, Inc., a national leader in health and wellness celebrating their sixteenth year, offers news of healing in their newsletter, Dahn Yoga Life. The July issue of Dahn Yoga Life tells the story of a young mother who experiences remarkable healing through LifeParticle Meditation and Collaborative Healing Circles.

Dahn Yoga Life (July 2012) offers the heartwarming story of Cecelia Chauhan, a healthy young mother in England who suddenly became ill with a brain tumor. Inspired by a video about an American woman’s recovery from a brain tumor, Chauhan devoted herself fully to Dahn Yoga practice with miraculous results. Her instructor, Silvia Mocikova greatly encouraged her, “People can heal anything, (mind, body and relationships) if they just use their mind and body the right way.”

It is very likely that most people who have attended Dahn Yoga classes or read books and articles about Dahn Yoga meditation are familiar with LifeParticle Meditation. Through training, practitioners learn that we have unlimited potential in our brain to heal ourselves and that LifeParticles are a constantly flowing natural source of life that we can connect to whenever we choose.

Dahn Yoga benefits are many, and shared stories of experiences of healing, like Cecelia Chauhan’s, are an inspiration to all! Dahn Yoga offers simple meditation and exercises as tools for observing the physical/mental interaction. Practiced observation of this can lead to mastery of the mind/body connection.