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Tom Hanks stars in A League of their Own.

A League of their Own is an inspirational sports story

Dahn yoga enthusiasts are also often inspired by stories of personal development.

Sports and feminism have inherent themes of personal development and inspiration. When you combine them both, you get the classic 1992 sports comedy A League of Their Own, starring Tom Hanks and Geena Davis, as well as Madonna.

The movie is based on the historical All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. The film is set in a time when nobody believed that women could play baseball and draw a successful crowd to the games.

Tom Hanks plays the unwilling coach of the girls’ baseball team and Geena Davis is a star player whose character’s sibling rivalry with her sister also forms a major subplot.

The movie is an inspiration to all those who have been underdogs and who have wanted to prove themselves. Collectively, the women’s leagues in the movie not only draw an immense crowd and amount of interest, they also learn much about themselves as individuals, sisters and teammates.

A League of their Own was a commercial success and the famous line uttered by Hanks’ character – “Are you crying? There’s no crying! There’s no crying in baseball!!” – is remembered by many.

Sleepless in Seattle is a classic inspirational love story.

Sleepless in Seattle is an inspirational love story

Stories of personal change are often interesting for those who practice dahn yoga.

In the movie Sleepless in Seattle, Meg Ryan plays Annie Reed, who is engaged to a nice but somewhat boring man named Walter. Annie has a lot to discover about herself in terms of personal growth and development because she is very unsure about the prospects of marrying Walter.

One night, on the radio, Annie hears a young boy calling into a show on behalf of his father. Jonah is not even a teenager but his mother has passed away and he wants to find someone for his father, who seems lonely and in need of love.

Annie – in a moment of erratic impulsiveness – flies to Seattle in the hopes of meeting Jonah’s father Sam, played by Tom Hanks. This is a movie of unlikely odds and romance trumping creepiness. However, the theme of self development and the courage to literally go the distance in order to discover oneself and what one truly wants is admirable and inspiring.

The end – of course – is a happy one. Love that overcomes distance and all improbabilities has long been an inspiring theme for countless romantics.

A messenger pigeon in WWI provides an inspirational story.

Time reports inspirational stories from heroic animals

Hearing and reading about inspirational stories can lead ordinary people to also act virtuously and bravely. Dahn Yoga aims to provide personal change and personal growth to its participants through various books and classes.

However, one of the most inspiring stories recently featured in Time Magazine did not involve a human. Time released its Top 10 Heroic Animals list which included Cher Ami the Pigeon.

Cher Ami – whose named means “Dear Friend” in French – was a messenger pigeon serving in the U.S. Army Signal Corps in France during the first World War. Cher Ami carried important messages and completed few a dozen missions before being shot down.

The brave pigeon was not killed but suffered injuries in both the breasts and a leg. He continued on with the final message, delivering it to its destination. That message was credited with saving the lives of 194 soldiers, according to the news source.

Today, visitors of the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. can see Cher Ami’s body on display in the “Price of Freedom: Americans at War” exhibit.

Facebook has led to some inspirational and personal stories.

Inspirational stories on Diary of Facebook

Among the many Dahn Yoga benefits are lessons in personal growth and life balance. Reading stories of personal inspiration may help others accomplish goals and achieve a healthy lifestyle.

The social networking giant, Facebook, compiled stories from places ranging from San Francisco to Sudan in order to bring inspirational stories of personal growth, overcoming challenges as well as life balance to an MTV audience.

Among the many stories about different Facebook users was the one about a woman named Holly, whose Facebook friend reminded her to check her breasts for lumps as part of a self-exam. Holly found a lump that was later confirmed to be breast cancer and she credits Facebook for helping to save her life.

There is also the story of Tracy, an adopted woman who found her biological brother and sister through the social networking site.

“I promised myself I wasn’t going to cry,” said Tracy about meeting her biological family.

MTV’s Diary of Facebook aired on March 30 and featured a look inside Facebook’s “hack-a-thons” as well.

During each “hack-a-thon,” Facebook employees spend their time to do something other than their normal day to day job. The idea is to encourage people to reach out to the community through exploring areas that are not part of their day jobs.

The King's Speech is an inspiring movie about overcoming stuttering.

The King’s Speech a story of personal growth

Dahn Yoga breathing can help provide stress relief and serve as a relaxation technique. Learning how to relax and control breathing can help with many ailments, including stuttering.

In the recent Oscar-winning movie, The King’s Speech, Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush star as Prince Albert of England and his speech therapist.

Prince Albert, who is the father of Queen Elizabeth II, suffered from extreme stuttering which prevented him from being an effective communicator during the early days of his reign. The film won several Academy Awards this year, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor for Firth and Best Original Screenplay.

The movie follows the personal development of Prince Albert into King George VI. As the king of England, George VI gave many inspirational speeches during World War II, rallying the British people and providing strength as a powerful symbolic figure.

As reported in the Sheboygan Press, modern day speech therapy would look quite different from that which is portrayed in the movie. For example, the scenes that involve Prince Albert swearing in order to overcome his stutter would probably not be seen in a speech pathologist’s office now.

Tom Hanks stars in Joe vs. the Volcano.

John Patrick Shanley to speak at Albany

Dahn Yoga breathing can enhance self healing and promote stress relief. Many people work in fast-paced office environments and some experience personal stress or loneliness. One movie that deals with all of these issues is a 20-year-old classic, the 1990 film Joe Versus the Volcano, produced by Steven Spielberg and written by John Patrick Shanley.

Two big stars were in the movie, before they became even more famous in later romantic comedies. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks play the lead roles in Joe vs. the Volcano, a story about a hypochondriac who goes on a journey to a mystical island called Waponi Wu.

In the beginning of the film, Joe Banks works in a dead-end job with a terrible boss and discovers that he has a rare illness called a “brain cloud.” This fictional disease allows one to live in perfect health for a few months before it mysteriously kills its subject.

Joe immediately quits his job but finds himself on the receiving end of a strange offer. A wealthy businessman named Samuel Graynamore offers Joe unlimited material wealth if he agrees to jump into a volcano on Waponi Wu in order that Graynamore can secure a special mineral from the natives of the island.

Many years after Joe vs. the Volcano, screenwriter Shanley penned Moonstruck and Doubt: A Parable. Shanley will speak at the University of Albany on April 6, according to Read Media.

Katy Perry's Firework can inspire

Katy Perry’s Firework can inspire

Ilchi Lee believes in personal growth for all people on Earth. Many modern-day songs can echo this sentiment as well, as one of the keys to change is believing in oneself and finding a life purpose.

This seems to be what made Katy Perry’s song, Firework, her third number one Billboard hit of 2010. She has also said that the inspirational message in the song makes her believe that it is the most important one on the album.

“People are coming back and almost adopting it as their own anthem, and it’s hard, I think, to write an anthem that’s not cheesy, and I hope that this could be something in that category. I hope this could be one of those things where it’s like, ‘Yeah, I want to put my fist up and feel proud and feel strong,” she told MTV News. “[Firework is] like the opus or my one song… cause it has a great beat. But it also has a fantastic message.”

It may be a combination of Perry’s vocals and the lyrics that drive that message home. She sings that everyone must find their own potential and “ignite the light and let it shine.”