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Healthcare Degree

School to offer healthcare degree to increase personal development

As healthcare reform continues to integrate into America’s system, more people are looking for higher education in the field for not only personal development, but also a better understanding.

Because of this demand, more colleges are looking to increase their offerings for higher education in healthcare to meet the needs of students. The University of Wisconsin is proposing an online degree program in health information management and health information technology that is specifically geared toward students who are entering the healthcare field, the school’s newspaper reports.

Due to the recent passing of reform, more healthcare centers are integrating their systems to become increasingly technologically advanced, which is why it’s important to be on top of this trend.

School officials suggest that this is a way to help students prepare for entering the healthcare system, which could be beneficial when it comes to job searching post-graduation.

“We want to develop expertise in the health information management technology area,” said Kauang-Wei Wen, professor and chair of the information systems department. “This is the future of information technology.”

Schools are trying to give the best academic experience possible

School increases degree offerings to help students with personal growth

High school students who are preparing for college this fall may be working on their stress management as they wait for acceptance letters to come in. For those who are constantly in fear of rejection, Dahn Yoga breathing exercises can help people calm their nerves.

Those who have already received their acceptance letters may be noticing that schools are choosing to increase their degree offerings in an effort to meet the needs of a larger student base.

Marshall University has been working to increase the variety of majors it offers in an effort to generate student interest. According to the Parthenon, the college’s student newspaper, the university is currently underway with its first year of the sports journalism major.

“There is a lot of interest in sports in the Tri-State area and really the entire state of West Virginia,” Bruno Morris, a print journalism professor, told the publication. “Every young person likes sports, especially young men who tune into ‘SportsCenter.’ It was a major that was overdue.”

Additionally, the Associated Press reports that this coming fall, the school will launch a bachelor’s degree of science in public health. This will be the first of its kind to be offered in the state.

Some people see benefits of pet therapy

School offers dog therapy as a relaxation technique

Stress is a common occurrence in school, and while some people may try relaxation techniques such as Dahn Yoga in order to calm down, there are still measures that schools can take to ensure that those who attend are in a healthy mental state.

Students at Yale Law School were recently given a therapy dog named Monty in an effort to help them deal with stress, according to The New York Times. Since law school can be very demanding, students will be able to rent out Monty for a half hour in an effort to calm their nerves.

School officials noted the positive aspects that have been reported from pet therapy, which is why the school decided to start the program.

"It is well documented that visits from therapy dogs have resulted in increased happiness, calmness and overall emotional well-being," Blair Kauffman, the law librarian, wrote in an e-mail to students.

ABC News reports that the program is currently being run on a trial basis and that the school is encouraging student feedback to see if it should continue.

This degree program could lead to a career in research

Those searching for personal development may find it in new UCF programs

People are always looking to further their education as a means of personal development. Because enriching one’s brain with knowledge can be rewarding on multiple levels, many individuals choose to pursue graduate studies in an effort to fully immerse themselves in their careers once they graduate.

The University of Central Florida (UCF) is hoping to cater to individuals who are looking to advance their knowledge in foreign relations and research by offering a new bachelor’s degree in Latin American studies, a PhD in security studies and a master’s degree in research administration.

School officials reported that the master’s program was developed in an effort to address the needs of all students who are looking to make a career in research.

“We designed our program to meet the needs of research administrators working in large research universities and institutes and in smaller liberal arts colleges,” said Jo Ann Smith, program coordinator and assistant professor of Public Administration.

Students who enroll in these programs may want to try Dahn Yoga first as a means of meditating before a big exam.