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Lake Titicaca

Reflect on your personal happiness at Lake Titicaca

Meditation is a great way to manage stress, particularly when one is practicing various breathing exercises while in the presence of amazing scenery. For example, a trip to Peru offers travelers the chance to absorb the natural beauty of Lake Titicaca.

As the highest navigable lake in the world, flowing more than 12,500 feet above sea level, Titicaca is an astounding sight. The clear blue waters that run freely along the country’s border with Bolivia reflect the surrounding views of tall mountains with their snow-capped peaks. Simply sitting along the banks and observing nature can help one better appreciate the world around them.

Making a trek through the surrounding landscape, one will find a wide array of plant and animal life. Species of particular note include the Titicaca grebe, a flightless bird, and the Titicaca water frog, which is one of the largest frogs of its kind in the world.

Those who are interested in exploring further should head to the Uros, an archipelago that consists of 42 artificial islands made from floating reeds. Visitors can also head to local museums to learn about the indigenous Peruvian people and their culture.

Hassan II Mosque

Marvel at the ornate Hassan II Mosque in Morocco

Learning about another culture’s spiritual values can help to enhance one’s personal development, as it offers perspective on the many beliefs people hold around the world. In Morocco, travelers can explore the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, where they will find followers of all religions coming to pray.

The massive structure, which features the world’s tallest minaret at 689 feet high, was completed in the early 1990s for both Muslims and non-Muslims to visit and practice their religion. This place of worship has a capacity for 105,000 visitors, giving vacationers an idea of just how enormous the building truly is.

It was commissioned by King Hassan II and was inspired from a verse in the Quran that reads “the throne of Allah was built on water.” The mosque sits on land that was reclaimed from the Atlantic Ocean, thus it overlooks the water and offers incredible views from the inside.

Inside, visitors will see intricately designed mosaics, as well as impressive columns, carvings and more made with Moroccan materials like granite, plaster, marble and wood.

The beautiful Hassan II Mosque is a must-see for anyone heading to the North African country.

Mount Etna

Trek up Mount Etna in Sicily

Italy is a prime destination for those who want a spiritual adventure, as the extensive collection of churches and cathedrals provide visitors with an endless amount of places to enhance their personal development. However, the Mediterranean country is also home to a number of natural attractions, and a visit to a site like Mount Etna can provide lifelong memories that give one perspective on the world around him.

The mountain is actually a very active volcano that stands tall in Sicily, an island in the southern region of the country. Touring the area will expose travelers to a range of geological features, including solidified lava, smoking craters and more. They may even have the chance to see the volcano erupt, with magma bubbling down the peak. While it may sound dangerous, those who go on guided tours are sure to be kept at a safe distance from the volcanic activity.

Travelers who find that an adrenaline rush leads the path to enlightenment may want to hike up the many trails of Mount Etna. In the winter, the area becomes a popular ski destination, so vacationers should be prepared to head downy he slopes.

Sanibel Island

For a relaxing getaway, head to Sanibel Island

Yoga enthusiasts who have participated in Dahn Yoga's Shim Sung workshops may want to head to the beach on their next vacation. On a journey of self-exploration, there is no better place to practice meditative techniques than on a beautiful stretch of sand with no sound but the chirping of sea birds heard in the distance.

Travelers should head to Sanibel Island in Florida to find inner peace. With more than 15 miles of coastal land open to the public, visitors are sure to find a quiet spot to practice tai chi, yoga or another form of meditation. From white sand that is soft to the touch to the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, this area is the perfect spot for a relaxing getaway.

Those who want to be do a little exploring while in town can check out the J.N. "Ding" Darling National Wildlife Refuge, where they can see fascinating bald eagles, as well as 300 different types of birds, reptiles and mammals. Another option is to take a day trip to the Florida Everglades for a safari excursion to see the Floridian wildlife roam in their natural habitat.

The Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin

Tour the most famous churches in Dublin

When going on a vacation in Ireland, one may be interested in visiting Dublin’s churches to aid their personal development, as getting in touch with international cultures is a great way to enhance your mind. Christ Church and St. Patrick’s Cathedrals are important structures in the capital city’s history and are fascinating to tour while on holiday.

The Christ Church Cathedral was the town centerpiece during medieval times. While it is now surrounded by many modern buildings, visitors will learn about how it once stood tall above the “dual carriage-way building scheme” that was a part of the original street pattern in the Middle Ages, according to the Irish Tourism Department. Those who stand upon the banks of the River Laffey have an excellent view of the church in the distance.

St. Patricks Cathedral, located nearby, is one of the oldest churches in Dublin. It is also the largest church in the country, built in the late 12th century. Its beautiful Gothic-style architecture is quite an intriguing sight, as are the resting places of notable Irish clergymen.

See the land sculptures at Heligan in England.

The Lost Gardens of Heligan are resurrected in England

One of the benefits of yoga is that it teaches participants to savor the moment and become one with the earth, and a great place to do this is at The Lost Gardens of Heligan in England.

The botanical garden was created in the late 19th century, spanning more than 1,000 acres and offering a relaxing place for visitors to enjoy. However, it was not properly maintained and thus ivy and bramble eventually covered the land for several decades. In 1990, a massive hurricane struck the area and nearly destroyed what was once a vast expanse of beautiful green scenery.

Luckily, residents were loathe to see a place with such wonderful potential continue to be neglected, and facility owners have been working hard to restore its natural beauty over the last two decades. More than 200 acres have been transformed back into their original glory, making Heligan a perfect place for travelers to visit during their quest for inner peace.

One of the most famous sights in the garden is the Mud Maid, which is a fascinating land sculpture in the shape of a sleeping woman that was created by Susan Hill.

The rice fields are a beautiful sight.

Climb to the top of the rice terraces in China

Those who want to see a truly remarkable sight on their vacation in China should visit the Longsheng Rice Terrace. Visitors that have practiced yoga meditation can use their Dahn Yoga energy to create motivation for the ascent to the top of the hills, as the view from high up is well worth the effort.

The highest hill in the terrace sits 880 meters above the ground. If tourists manage to make it to the top, they will have a spectacular view of the sloping landscape, which has numerous layers of green rice lining the hillside.

The sight from up above is majestic, with the strips of land twisting around the landscape resembling a dragon’s backbone, earning the Terrace its famous nickname. Sit back, relax and spend an hour or so absorbing the blanket of green that covers the waves of the land.

Longsheng has an extensive history, with the fields dating back to more than five centuries to the Ming Dynasty. The area thrives the most in early June, when the plants spring to life.

Do some yoga on a gorgeous beach.

Relax in the white sands of Venezuela’s Francisqui Beach

Remember the last postcard that came in the mail, the one with the pristine, white-sand beach and the bright blue water? If those images evoke a sense of peace and relaxation, a retreat to Lower Francisqui Beach in Los Roques, Venezuela, is for you. The divine coast is a picture-perfect setting for practicing Dahn Yoga tai chi.

Exercising and practicing yoga meditation in such a naturally beautiful location will certainly help a person get rid of their stress and become more in tune with the splendor that the world has to offer.

The beach is the perfect destination for someone who wants to rid themselves of excess and focus on life’s simple pleasures. There are kite-surfing and scuba diving excursions for those who are feeling a bit adventurous, however, it’s more than acceptable to just lay in the sand and absorb the warm rays.

Since the area is not especially popular with tourists, it is also very quiet and serene, making it a great place to start the morning with sun salutations, giving one’s self energy for a day in paradise.

Spend some time on a beautiful French island.

Enjoy the sunny days on the Iles D’Hyeres

Those who want to escape the everyday responsibilities of life and get a little stress relief on vacation should check out Iles D’Hyeres in France. The three small islands are largely untouched, giving travelers a wonderful opportunity to practice Dahn Yoga exercises in a natural landscape.

According to travel website Black Tomato, all cars and other motor vehicles are banned from the area, so there will be no roaring engines to disturb your peaceful savasana. The source recommends visiting Ile de Port-Cross, which is a National Park that has several small, remote beaches, including the beautiful Port Man.

The islands get approximately 300 sunny days a year, so tourists have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the warm weather and appreciate their heavenly surroundings.

Another island in the archipelago is Ile du Levant. While it is a gorgeous coastal location off of the Riviera, it is also a popular tourist destination, so be prepared for some crowds when visiting. For a quieter experience, Porquerolles has a very small population of only 200 people and offers just as many scenic views.