Dahn Yoga Community

Practicing yoga is often touted as a way to find mental and spiritual peace while improving physical health. While all of these things are certainly true, Dahn Yoga is about something deeper than that. One of its guiding principles, which encompasses and transcends these other self-directed ideas, is that one improves the self in order to improve the world.

This notion is one of the bedrock principles of the Dahn Yoga community. Individuals from across the U.S. have happily participated in the program for years, suspecting and ultimately confirming that Dahn Yoga helps individuals form strong interpersonal ties.

The classes offered in this holistic mind-body system incorporate a number of ancient techniques for self-healing, including yoga, meditation, tai chi, meridian channeling and brain wave vibration, which is a form of moving meditation.

Beyond merely healing and energizing the self, the point of these exercises is to open the mind up to an interconnectedness of which it has not yet been aware. By exposing the one to his or her ties to the all, Dahn Yoga can help individuals of all ages and backgrounds make friends, intermingle and find peace together.

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