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Anxiety attacks and sleeping problems

Coby (Bethesda)

During the summer of 1992, I began to experience anxiety attacks and was unable to sleep through the night. I would wake up every few hours with my heart racing, certain that I was getting ready to have a heart attack. The anxiety could strike at any time. I could be driving home from work, on vacation, or simply having a family dinner. A couple of times, I was rushed to the emergency room suffering from a stress reaction—but it sure seemed like I was suffering a heart attack. In the spring of 2003, after trying for years to establish an exercise and/or diet regimen to alleviate my condition, I resigned myself to the fact that I would need prescription medicine to combat this daily nightmare and prepared to visit my doctor.

Two weeks before my doctor’s appointment, I was in my local deli and I saw the Dahn Yoga brochure heralding the opening of a center in Bethesda a few blocks from my office. Out of desperation, and fear of being on medication the rest of my life, I went for an energy-check up. After that session, I signed up for three months, unsure of what to expect but hopeful. I went to class three times a week, and within a month, my anxiety attacks had disappeared. I was finally able to sleep through the night. My fears of death and of having a heart attack vanished. I was, and am still, so grateful to be rid of the daily fear that would grab me without warning. I thought things could not improve much more, but I was to be pleasantly surprised by an equally great, and unexpected, benefit derived from my yoga practice.

For over two years I had been on a cholesterol-lowering drug (Zocor) because my cholesterol level had been as high as 280. On Zocor, my level had stabilized to a 210-200 level. I started attending regular classes at the Bethesda center in June 2003, and after 4 months, my cholesterol level dropped to 147! During this time, I would go class at least 3 times a week, and during the work day, I would drink a few cups of green tea and/or the brown rice tea purchased from the center. I neither added nor subtracted anything from my regular diet over this time (except for the brand of green tea). The only difference was my involvement with the Dahn Center.

In October 2003, my doctor removed me from the prescription medicine with my promise that I would have regular check-ups. To this day, my cholesterol level is still low and I am still off the medication.

I attribute my wonderful results to the physical and mental exercises taught by the professionals at the Dahn Yoga Center. I am convinced that the things taught here have enriched my life, focused my life, and, literally, saved my life.

My Cholesterol Level A OK

Coby O. (Bethesda, Maryland)

For over two years I have been on a cholesterol-lowering drug (Zocor) because my cholesterol level had reached a high of 280. For those who may not know, a level over 200 is considered high. I am not a big fan of having to take prescription medicine, but I understand the importance of maintaining a healthy cholesterol level.

Over time, the Zocor helped bring my level down to a more manageable number (fluctuating between 210 – 200). I try to have my level checked every three months, and last March my cholesterol level was 203. In June, I had my cholesterol checked again and my result was 196. I thought that I had leveled off and would only reduce my level with aggressive dieting and exercise.

I started attending the Dahn Yoga Center in late June of this year. I try to go at least three times a week, and, during the work day, I drink a few cups of the green tea and/or the brown rice tea which I purchased at the Center. This month I had my cholesterol checked and my level is 147! I have neither added nor subtracted anything from my regular diet between June and now (except for the tea). My doctor told me that I could stop taking my medication for now because, as he said, “whatever you are doing seems to work.” Of course I will go back in three months as part of my regular monitoring, but I am so thrilled to be off the medication.

I attribute my wonderful results to the physical and mental exercises taught by Head Instructor Tara and Hong. For me, these exercises have helped my progress towards a “Healthy Body”. Although I am not one to toot his own horn, I felt it necessary to share this in case you, or someone you know, struggle with high cholesterol. I wish I had only known about Dahn Yoga sooner.

Diabetes and heart disease

Dr. Albert F. (Dentist)

I have been going to the Dahn Center for about a year. I am a teaching assistant and am presently attending the Dahn Yoga workshop, which is supplemented by all day sessions with Oh and daily practice. In short, I am into this much farther than I thought I would be. I have always been a seeker, even if I did not always know what I was seeking.

When I came to the Dahn Yoga Center my health had deteriorated to the point were it scared me. I was significantly overweight, out of shape, had developed Diabetes (about 6 years before), and my blood chemistry had changed. Triglycerides were though the roof, blood pressure was up, and I was not controlling my blood sugar. I WAS DEVELOPING A THING CALLED SYNDROME X WHICH MAKES YOU PRONE TO HEART ATTACKS. To make a long story short of the eight predisposing factors to having a heart attack I had seven of them. I was thinking of taking up smoking so I would have a complete set.

Well, since coming to the Dahn Yoga Center I have lost 54 pounds, went from being listed as significantly out of shape to good shape as measured by a tread mill test. The thing that impressed me about that was I do not run. I do my Dahn Yoga practice only. I do ride my bike sometimes. I also could have stayed on the test longer but I had no sense of competition. They had what they needed from the test and I had no compulsion to see how far I could go. My blood sugar is 115 as of this morning and under control, my triglycerides and cholesterol are within normal limits and my blood pressure is 119/ 63 as of this morning.

I still take Diabetes medication (about half of what I was taking) but the difference being my blood sugar is under control and before even with twice the medication it was not under control. I have no delusions about curing my diabetes because once you have it, you have it and the best you can do is control it. I will always wonder how long I would have put off having diabetes if I had started Dahn Yoga practice before I got it. I guess none of us can will ourselves to have a better past than we had. We can only do things in the present to give us a better future.

Being a Dentist is a stressful job or so I am told. I think that and the sedentary life style I was leading were the main causes of my problems. There was a study some years ago by a group of Psychiatrists stating that Dentists had the highest rate of suicide of any of the professions. A follow-up study done by Dentists proved that Psychiatrists had the highest rate of suicide. Using the “watcher” philosophy as a living mediation has allowed me to remove much of the stress from my life. I have not dropped out of society.

As a matter of fact, I get more done with less of the emotional strain I had before. I also find that I make better decisions.

I will be the first to tell you that all of this change was hard work, but important if my body was to heal itself. I was so involved with my own stress and health problems I could not even think of helping someone else. But in healing my body I realized that I had something to offer in helping others. I am reminded of an old Indian poem.

I slept and dreamed of a world of pure joy.
I awoke and found a world of pure service.
I served and in my service found joy.

-from “Pathway to Healing”