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Monster releases Facebook app for professionals

Monster releases Facebook app for professionals

Professionals are increasingly relying on the internet to make crucial connections within their respective industry. Utilizing digital technologies has become a significant part of personal growth in one's career.

Monster.com, one of the most prominent employment websites in the world, recently announced it has launched a professional networking application for Facebook users. The program, called BeKnown, is similar to LinkedIn; both tools are designed to foster career growth and professional networking.

According to PC Magazine, BeKnown allows Facebook users to create a personal profile including work experience, accomplishments and education credentials. Similar to the "like" feature on Facebook, individuals using BeKnown can give a "Thumbs Up" to individuals in their professional network.

Users can also provide written endorsements for colleagues – past or present – to be displayed on their profile pages.

People can also earn badges, which are graphics featured on a user's profile. These icons denote a variety of accomplishments, such as work history, education and size of one's professional network.

"BeKnown now gives people and companies the ability to utilize that vast network for professional gain by tapping into the power of Monster and Facebook," said Darko Dejanovic, the chief information officer and head of product for Monster, as quoted by PC Magazine. 

Successful workers don't get too casual during the summer

Successful workers don’t get too casual during the summer

Maintaining a healthy life balance should include a clear distinction between home and the workplace, including an individual’s choice of attire.

Some people may be tempted to dress more casual during the summer months, but experts say that professional gear should still be worn in the workplace. Casual summer clothes, such as a tank top and shorts, should be saved for the beach and other vacation destinations.

Unprofessional clothing can send the wrong message to your employer, according to fashion consultant Meghan Mundy. She told the Democrat and Republican, based in Rochester, New York, that bosses are less likely to take workers seriously if they abandon their professional attire due to warmer conditions.

However, Colleen Sherin, senior fashion director at Saks Fifth Avenue, says the perception of “casual” is changing at many companies. Some employers may have no problem with women who wear shorts instead of a skirt, she told the news provider.

Some employees prefer to liven up their appearance during the summer with brighter colors. Career-Intelligence.com suggests workers should not go too crazy with these colors because “loud” attire can serve as a distraction.

Getting ahead at work might mean flattering your boss

Getting ahead at work might mean flattering your boss

Workers who wish to spur personal change in their careers may want to consider buttering up their bosses.

A new study in the Journal of Management Studies reveals that ingratiation, which is the process of gaining acceptance through flattery, has several benefits. Although some people condemn "sucking up" in the workplace, the report indicates that it not only can help your career but also your overall well-being, according to U.S. News and World Report.

The findings are based on a survey of 215 Chinese employees. Researchers found that ingratiation reduced psychological distress and workplace ostracism. Past studies have shown that employees who are bullied or neglected by co-workers and their bosses are more likely to experience tension at work.

According to a 2008 Forbes article, warming up to your boss should be an overt process. Workers who are over-the-top about their compliments are likely to be avoided by some managers as well as resented by their colleagues.

Faith Ralston, an organizational leadership coach, told the media outlet that there is an art to ingratiation. He recommends employees must figure out their boss' style and adapt to it before the flattery begins.

"I call this self-survival," Ralston told the news provider. "It's not fun to play the game, but if you do it to succeed then you're not just doing it to make the boss feel good." 

Online learning can help protect the environment

Professional Development Resources looks to help people achieve personal change with environmental understanding

Many people who practice Dahn Yoga want to increase their life wisdom in order to achieve a full sense of fulfillment. Those who want to improve their surroundings should also take time and study the powers of going green.

As the environmental movement continues to grow, due to more people becoming eco-conscious, there is an increasing need for education programs to help others achieve an understanding of what they can do for their atmosphere.

Professional Development Resources, which provides a number of classes for those who are looking for continuing education (CE), announced that it now offers more than 110 CE classes that are available online.

"If one person takes one course online rather than traveling to a conference, he or she can achieve savings in energy, fuel costs, greenhouse gasses, paper and ink waste associated with printed reading and registration materials, water usage for hotel stays, waste from disposable food service products and landfill disposal of used exhibition hall materials," said Leo Christie, CEO of Professional Development Resources.