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Thank you notes are important in the job hunt.

Thank you notes essential to the job search

The interview is often regarded as the most important part of the job search process, and with good reason, as it is typically the first interaction one has with his or her prospective employer. However, there is an aspect of the interview that is often overlooked, the thank you note.

When an interview is concluded and one returns home, he or she should be certain to send a short thank you note to everyone they interacted with. While it may seem unnecessary to send a thank you note to the receptionist, it is important. Not only is it the respectful thing to do and a sign of strong personal development but such employees are often “gate keepers” to the higher-ups, meaning that they can help one communicate with his or her potential future employer.

One of the modern conundrums that has arisen regarding the thank you note is whether to send it via email or regular mail. There is no firm answer for this question, however, and one should approach the situation on a case-by-case basis. If the interview was at a smaller, more formal firm, a hand-written note may be more appropriate, while at larger firms, an email may be less likely to get lost.

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Power-hungry workers must control urges

A recent study shows that many individuals intentionally break societal rules in order to appear more powerful among their peers. Dahn Yoga classes can help individuals make better decisions in the workplace and avoid these troublesome behaviors.

The report, which appears in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, determined that rule-breakers are perceived as power wielders. This idea stems from the fact that many of the most powerful people in the world, including political leaders and celebrities, have fewer rules to follow in their daily lives.

This may lead some people in the workplace to follow their own set of rules to gain a false sense of power. A disregard for morale and professional values can be devastating for one’s career. Not only is a rule-breaker less likely to gain allies in the office, but they are vulnerable to losing their jobs.

However, New York Daily News columnist Carolyn Kepcher recently wrote that having a powerful presence as work can be achieved without being rude. Instead of breaking rules, a strong, confident worker knows how to take up space without offending others.

“When sitting down at the conference table or the lunch table, don’t be afraid to spread out and send out some nonverbal power cues to those around you,” Kepcher wrote.

Hassan II Mosque

Marvel at the ornate Hassan II Mosque in Morocco

Learning about another culture’s spiritual values can help to enhance one’s personal development, as it offers perspective on the many beliefs people hold around the world. In Morocco, travelers can explore the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, where they will find followers of all religions coming to pray.

The massive structure, which features the world’s tallest minaret at 689 feet high, was completed in the early 1990s for both Muslims and non-Muslims to visit and practice their religion. This place of worship has a capacity for 105,000 visitors, giving vacationers an idea of just how enormous the building truly is.

It was commissioned by King Hassan II and was inspired from a verse in the Quran that reads “the throne of Allah was built on water.” The mosque sits on land that was reclaimed from the Atlantic Ocean, thus it overlooks the water and offers incredible views from the inside.

Inside, visitors will see intricately designed mosaics, as well as impressive columns, carvings and more made with Moroccan materials like granite, plaster, marble and wood.

The beautiful Hassan II Mosque is a must-see for anyone heading to the North African country.

Mount Etna

Trek up Mount Etna in Sicily

Italy is a prime destination for those who want a spiritual adventure, as the extensive collection of churches and cathedrals provide visitors with an endless amount of places to enhance their personal development. However, the Mediterranean country is also home to a number of natural attractions, and a visit to a site like Mount Etna can provide lifelong memories that give one perspective on the world around him.

The mountain is actually a very active volcano that stands tall in Sicily, an island in the southern region of the country. Touring the area will expose travelers to a range of geological features, including solidified lava, smoking craters and more. They may even have the chance to see the volcano erupt, with magma bubbling down the peak. While it may sound dangerous, those who go on guided tours are sure to be kept at a safe distance from the volcanic activity.

Travelers who find that an adrenaline rush leads the path to enlightenment may want to hike up the many trails of Mount Etna. In the winter, the area becomes a popular ski destination, so vacationers should be prepared to head downy he slopes.

The program will help people advance their nursing knowledge

Degree program helps in personal development of nurses

Dahn Yoga teaches individuals the importance of having a healthy mind and body. While practices can help strengthen our inner core, it's crucial that individuals challenge themselves in a variety of ways.

One way that people can enrich their minds is through pursuing higher education. This can even be for people who already have a career but are looking to push their knowledge further. Walden University announced that it will offer an online doctorate of nursing practice (DNP), as the industry's requirements are growing more competitive.

School officials noted the importance of building one's knowledge in the healthcare industry, as regulations are constantly changing.

"Our healthcare system is changing rapidly, and now more than ever, we need expert nurse leaders to advocate for changes in the healthcare system," said Sara Torres, associate dean of Walden's School of Nursing.

The goal is to ensure that all nurses in the field are prepared to provide their patients with the best care possible, as a high knowledge of the industry is crucial for helping those being treated.

The Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin

Tour the most famous churches in Dublin

When going on a vacation in Ireland, one may be interested in visiting Dublin’s churches to aid their personal development, as getting in touch with international cultures is a great way to enhance your mind. Christ Church and St. Patrick’s Cathedrals are important structures in the capital city’s history and are fascinating to tour while on holiday.

The Christ Church Cathedral was the town centerpiece during medieval times. While it is now surrounded by many modern buildings, visitors will learn about how it once stood tall above the “dual carriage-way building scheme” that was a part of the original street pattern in the Middle Ages, according to the Irish Tourism Department. Those who stand upon the banks of the River Laffey have an excellent view of the church in the distance.

St. Patricks Cathedral, located nearby, is one of the oldest churches in Dublin. It is also the largest church in the country, built in the late 12th century. Its beautiful Gothic-style architecture is quite an intriguing sight, as are the resting places of notable Irish clergymen.

Healthcare Degree

School to offer healthcare degree to increase personal development

As healthcare reform continues to integrate into America’s system, more people are looking for higher education in the field for not only personal development, but also a better understanding.

Because of this demand, more colleges are looking to increase their offerings for higher education in healthcare to meet the needs of students. The University of Wisconsin is proposing an online degree program in health information management and health information technology that is specifically geared toward students who are entering the healthcare field, the school’s newspaper reports.

Due to the recent passing of reform, more healthcare centers are integrating their systems to become increasingly technologically advanced, which is why it’s important to be on top of this trend.

School officials suggest that this is a way to help students prepare for entering the healthcare system, which could be beneficial when it comes to job searching post-graduation.

“We want to develop expertise in the health information management technology area,” said Kauang-Wei Wen, professor and chair of the information systems department. “This is the future of information technology.”

This degree program could lead to a career in research

Those searching for personal development may find it in new UCF programs

People are always looking to further their education as a means of personal development. Because enriching one’s brain with knowledge can be rewarding on multiple levels, many individuals choose to pursue graduate studies in an effort to fully immerse themselves in their careers once they graduate.

The University of Central Florida (UCF) is hoping to cater to individuals who are looking to advance their knowledge in foreign relations and research by offering a new bachelor’s degree in Latin American studies, a PhD in security studies and a master’s degree in research administration.

School officials reported that the master’s program was developed in an effort to address the needs of all students who are looking to make a career in research.

“We designed our program to meet the needs of research administrators working in large research universities and institutes and in smaller liberal arts colleges,” said Jo Ann Smith, program coordinator and assistant professor of Public Administration.

Students who enroll in these programs may want to try Dahn Yoga first as a means of meditating before a big exam.

Yoga and Asanas

Practice your asanas in Ibiza

Those who are in need of an escape from the everyday stresses of life may want to enjoy a relaxing yoga retreat in the beautiful Mediterranean island of Ibiza. Its gorgeous landscape offers the perfect serene background for one to work on their personal development and healthy lifestyle.

Although the island has a reputation for being an energetic destination for nightlife, travelers can find a remote spot on the northeastern region of Ibiza, where numerous quiet beaches are located. One great place for one to find personal peace is Benirras Beach – a secluded stretch of white sand where visitors can absorb the sounds of the waves crash against the shore.

The European island is perfect for those who want to enjoy a yoga retreat in a pristine setting. Vacationers may find nothing more relaxing than rooting their feet in the sand and working on their asanas, strengthening their bodies as they simultaneously improve their nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Ibiza is a premier destination where those who want to use their Dahn Yoga exercises in a paradisiacal atmosphere.

Dahn Yoga Benefits

Dahn Yoga Has Many Benefits to Recommend It

After engaging in Dahn Yoga, the energy and vitality that one loses a long work week can come roaring back, along with a sense of optimism or connection to others. However, that is not the only reason to practice yoga. Meditating in stillness can also facilitate self healing, weight loss, pain management and personal development.

Trying yoga a few times a week increases the body’s flexibility and range of motion, according to the UK Daily Mirror. Likewise, it teaches the respiratory system to breathe in a deep, measured way, so as to make the most of the oxygen all around us.

The news source also notes that the relaxation brought about by even a few minutes of yoga postures helps individuals shrug off stress and even lower blood pressure.

The tranquility associated with yoga means that in addition to making the body strong and supple, the practice entails benefits for the mind. For those who spend months or years pursuing the discipline of Dahn Yoga, their mental energy allows them to effectively manage pain, balance their lives and grow as unique individuals.

By taking a few minutes each day to practice yoga and to meditate with a gentle smile, individuals may begin to see the true potential of consolidating the mind and body.