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My realization at Shim Sung

Lara H (Las Vegas, NV)

My mother began taking Dahn Yoga classes in Las Vegas three years ago. I began to grow vicariously through her experience and whenever I visited her, took as many classes as possible, since there wasn’t a center close to me in California.

I realized at Shim Sung (self-discovery training) that I really wanted to get more involved in Dahn Yoga. I decided to move to Las Vegas to be near a center.

The midterm session met eight times, and four times I drove for five hours to L.A. The healers in L.A. gave me such strength and love that I looked forward to the drive and to sharing my energy and soul with them. I really began to piece together a vision for my life. I realized that I wanted to heal others, which included helping them get in touch with their soul and true self.

Soon it was time to return to Arizona. I was excited to be learning more yet sorry that my amazing experience was ending. Then I realized it never has to end! Now it is my turn to share this joy with everyone I meet! I shall never forget the sweet and tender hearts of all the healers with whom I shared training!

Loss of a family member

Virginia K (Houston)

I have been practicing Dahn Yoga since April 1999. I joined because I was having trouble dealing with the death of my husband in December 1998. I couldn’t sleep or relax. Now I sleep better and have more energy. Also, I feel better spiritually and am able to practice breathing; I do the intestinal exercises, and meditate. It helps me sleep better. After doing Shim Sung and getting up in front of people and talking. It helped me to deal with my grief. Sometimes I am very tired, but if I attend classes I have more energy. The exercises help.

The world’s bright future in their eyes

Sara C. (Mesa, Arizona)

At our most recent Shim Sung (Special Program), I too was blessed with the opportunity to attend as staff. This special experience seemed to mark a significant growth for the members in our area. It has been very exciting to see this transformation take place-it started with Shim Sung but is continuing on and on.

When I first attended the pre-Shim Sung training with the other members, I definately had a mindset of what a “staff” member should do or be and felt worried that I would not be able to live up to that standard. Immediately my old program appeared and the feelings that I had experienced during my own Shim Sung training came back. I was back and forth between being totally supportive of the experience and being resistant/emotional. I wondered about the kind of support I was going to be able to give.

I soon realized that through this experience, like all others in this practice, we would heal each other through Cosmic Pure Energy. At the final pre-session when all of the area members came together, I noticed that all of the Instructors from the different centers were there too. This is not what I had experienced during my pre-Shim Sung session so I was very excited for the other members as I knew this was going to be a very powerful experience for them. Our regional director at that time shared with us her own Shim Sung experience hich touched all of our hearts greatly.

The weekend of Shim Sung was powerful indeed, although I really wouldn’t realize how much so until it was completely over. All of the staff members, instructors and of course our amazing Shim Sung trainer were wonderful. Even our newly appointed regional director was able to attend. It was a new experience working directly with the masters and all members staff had such a good time. I felt at one with the Shim Sung attendees as we faced our individual fears, struggling to open completely to one another and ourselves to see our true nature. During intermission times, I struggled with how to help the members as they went through this process, but I think, if nothing else, they appreciated seeing a familiar companion who had taken this road before and who was walking it again with them. Any doubts I had on the effect of the experience were squashed as people began sharing their profound experiences, there ture selves, their appreciation and their desire to become Healers!

Many Healers were born that night and that was a genuine gift to this world. Since then, the energy of the center has felt different. We have had many area members attend their first week of Healer School basic program, and when they arrived home all could see the world’s bright future in their eyes. Dahn Yoga centers around the world will continue to bring people together to grow, heal and vibrate each other to a brighter future. I am so grateful to have met new partners on this path, and I know we will help each other each step of the way, and that this is only the beginning.

A burnt-out, old CPA’s transformation

Mary M. (Mesa, Arizona)

When I started Dahn Yoga about 1 year ago, I was the most tired, oldest and burnt-out 26 year old you would have ever met. I hardly smiled and when I did it was only to hide physical and emotional pain. Although, I was never officially diagnosed, I was definitely suffering from depression. I can see that now. I worked very hard trying to become somebody that mattered. I spent two years obtaining my CPA and worked 10 ~ 12 hours a day as an accountant. Just like everyone that walks this planet, I was searching for happiness. Money, boyfriend, house, car, nice outfits, you name it, I was working very hard to obtain these things. I always experienced these tremendous highs to these unbelievable lows and a feeling of incredible loneliness.

I thought, this is it, this is as good as it gets. My family provided much joy, but there again, I was looking on the outside. Then I met Dahn Yoga. This is where my freedom began. During my first few classes I experienced chest breathing. It felt like breathing for the first time. My whole body ached as the tension started to release. During tea time, after the class, I could hardly sit up straight due to the pain in my back, neck and shoulders.

After about 6 months, I felt like I hit bottom. I started to become so confused about my life. I was ready to run. The instructor started to talk to me about healer school; he started calling me Healer CPA. I would just laugh and walk away. He is crazy, was my thought. I started to become more and more irritated by the idea; I would ask myself, what is a healer anyway?

I received an opportunity to see Ilchi Lee. The entire experience was fantastic, nothing I had experienced before in my life. I was impressed with Ilchi Lee, and the beauty of the landscaping as we drove through that area of Arizona. Later that week, I was lying in bed, and I suddenly felt this wave of energy that moved from by abdomen to my chest. I couldn’t believe what I was feeling, but then I felt it two more times. That was my confirmation? I was going to an advanced workshop of Dahn Yoga. My first test was getting off of work for a week, with 4 days notice. I couldn’t believe how much I was supported. The courage started to build. The rest of healer school came with many more tests and challenges.

Healer school prepared me for the Shim Sung (self-discovery) program and it became one of my biggest breakthroughs. Each one, I came out stronger and a more sincere person. I started to love the person I was becoming for the first time. Now that I am about to graduate from the advanced healer school program, I can hardly believe the transformation from the person I was 7 months ago.

Now, I am able to answer my own question, I know what a healer is, and YES, I AM A HEALER! Thank you.

Living a Complete Harmony

Laura K. (Phoenix, Arizona)

Almost a year ago, I began a long journey; I entered the local Dahn Yoga Center with the intent of losing weight.

I started Dahn Yoga Practice on May 18th, 1998. Little did I know the changes in myself that would take place over the next year. When I began the program, I was self-conscious and my low self-esteem caused me to withdraw from the people around me.

When I began doing the daily exercises, I could feel something in me change. I could feel all of the muscles in my body. Through the breathing exercises, I began to feel a big change in my energy level on a daily basis. I also began to enjoy myself at the Center.

I remember one day I came to the Center for lass. I walked in and sat down in my usual spot, the far back corner of the room. This time, before the class began, one of the instructors smiled at me and asked, “Why don’t you move to the front of the classroom?” I must have looked stunned. He encouraged me with his smile and said, “How will you ever gain confidence if you hide in the back of the room?” Well I moved to the front corner and I have been there ever since. That was a big step for me.

I began to experience many things from my daily exercise. I started to feel courage and hope. After a month or so, I also signed up for the special exercises. I started out by taking opening acupressure points exercise. I wanted to unblock all the stagnated energy that I had held in my body for so long and restore the free flow of life energy in my body. I also took Shim-Sung, a self-discovery course. The masters said I would learn many things about who I am and why I am the way I am.

I began a weekend course in Shim Sung as my old Self and at the end I was a totally different person. The course helped me make the changes in myself that I wanted to make. I put 100% effort into the course. I overcame a lot of fears and learned a lot of new things. I realized that my destiny was waiting for me. All I had to do was walk towards it.

I have lost over 40 pounds since I started Dahn Yoga. My goal was to lose weight but I gained so much more from my experiences. I learned to love myself and everyone around me. I now live in a world of complete harmony and joy.