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If you're tired of racking up tons of frequent flier miles only to have to blow them at lackluster inns or motels, there may soon be a new, holistic option out there for you.

InterContinental Hotels will offer yoga meditation retreats, of a sort

If you're tired of racking up tons of frequent flier miles only to have to blow them at lackluster inns or motels, there may soon be a new, holistic option out there for you. According to the Financial Times, InterContinental Hotels will soon be offering rooms that are essentially individualized yoga meditation retreats for one!

These accommodations will be available in 2013, when the chain's first EVEN Hotel is completed. The news source noted that each room will be furnished with exercise balls, chin-up bars, yoga mats and wellness supplies – perfect for doing your yoga meditation poses while on the road.

Richard Solomons, the CEO of the hotel corporation, noted that while a few of the typical temptations – like the minibar – will not be available, "[there is] not going to be some guy in a tracksuit at reception demanding you go for a run each morning."

Instead, the hotel chain will be dedicated to helping travelers attend to their physical health. To that end, each room will be large enough to accommodate yoga routines, meals will be healthy and organic, and receptionists will be able to provide nutrition tips at a moment's notice.

Not bad for all you yoga lovers out there!

After graduation, the job search begins.

New graduates must market themselves to stand out in tough economy

New graduates beware: The current job market, despite a recent upswing, is still a challenging world to traverse.

According to the New York Times, it is important for newly minted professionals to be in tip-top-shape in today's job market. No more casually scanning job openings and leisurely deciding what to apply for and when. With job openings still scarce and numerous qualified candidates applying for each position, graduates must be persistent and polished.

Before applying to any job, hone your resume, cover letter and interviewing skills. Don't give a potential employer any frivolous reason to disregard your application, like spelling errors or out-of-date information.

Keep every aspect of your approach as focused as possible. Each cover letter should specifically address the company and the position you are applying for. Every piece of experience included on your resume should relate to the career you desire, and spell out that connection clearly.

Even if a past job doesn't relate directly to a new position, highlight what experience at that job was pertinent. If you spent time running yoga meditation retreats or weight loss plans, for example, talk about the leadership skills you had to demonstrate.

If you do land an interview, think carefully about how your college education and your particular degree will be a benefit to the company and the position. It's not enough just to have a diploma. For example, an English major can discuss how written communication skills are essential in the business world, while philosophy majors can highlight their skills in logic and problem solving.

According to Monster.com, don't let your resume suffer if you can't find a job right away. Be productive with your time by taking an internship or volunteering. This will show potential employers that you are serious about getting ahead, and you may be able to network and meet important connections in these roles. 

Vacation time is important for all workers.

Balancing time off: Can I take advantage of unlimited vacation?

Some companies seem to have the ultimate vacation system, when employees are given unlimited time off and are permitted to use it whenever they like, for relaxing activities such as yoga meditation retreats or to catch up on their weight loss plans.

But according to the Wall Street Journal, this seemingly idyllic situation can be stressful for many employees as they grapple with when to take time off. As a result, many workers tend to keep focused on their jobs, passing up valuable time away from the office.

The concept of unlimited vacation, a trend that started in the 1990s but is growing rapidly in today's professional world, is that employees get no guaranteed amount of vacation time nor do they have a limit. The only constraint is that they must get all time off approved beforehand. Some companies welcome this open-ended approach because it fits in with their day-to-day flexibility.

At businesses like Netflix, the DVD rental company that passes films through the mail, this unlimited vacation policy allows staff to judge their productiveness on outcomes and accomplishments, not hours and days worked.

But some employees see this free-form approach to scheduling as burdensome. Many professionals are wary of taking what they deem as too much time off, especially as companies are still downsizing and laying off employees to make ends meet.

However, always being available and not taking the necessary time off to rest can have negative consequences for your job performance. It is important that you strike a careful balance between work and your life outside of the office.

"The key to business success is not becoming a slave to the work," according to American Express' Open Forum. "Rather, it is taking the time to refresh and recharge. You must take a break, and by doing that, you will end up providing a much greater service to your clients. 

There is an upside to the job search.

The upside of searching for jobs

Although the job search is generally approached with stress and panic, there are positive things about looking for work, according to US News and World Report. Yoga stretching poses or yoga meditation retreats may help to relieve some of the stress associated with unemployment.

According to US News and World Report, it is important to change your perspective on seeking work so that you can see the benefits. For instance, job seekers can take time to consider what an ideal career would be and plan accordingly for the future. Although changing careers is difficult and may not be a viable option presently, the jobless can begin the process of transitioning or simply re-affirming their current career path, reports the newspaper.

Another benefit of unemployment is the competition. Adults rarely get the chance to directly compete with others. The job search can give prospects the opportunity to use the competitive spirit to prove yourself to employers, according the news source.

The newspaper also reports that the job search should be viewed as an exciting time. Finding a job is a new challenge to tackle, and a new job presents an environment with unique problems and opportunities. In addition, networking also gives job seekers the chance to meet new people and create friendships, according to the media outlet.

Unemployment also presents free time to tackle long put off tasks or to spend time with family and friends, according to the newspaper. It is often difficult to find time to do things you have always wanted to do while working full-time. The time off can be used as an opportunity to accomplish any number of things, such as getting in shape, volunteering or simply re-connecting with family, according to the media outlet.